What it Means to be an Adult Child with Kids


I attended a writing class this week with the full intent of discussing a non-fiction book I am working on about traveling- as a family, with my spouse, solo and with friends..  As I was hashing out the idea with the speaker (who was gracious to sit down with a rambling hopeful writer), he couldn’t quite grasp what I was hoping to achieve.  Being unable to state your point is probably not a good thing if you are hoping to make it as a writer.  At one point, he said “But what is your field of expertise?”  I could hear my eyelashes blink in the silence. “If you aren’t an expert in traveling, and this is not an advice book about traveling with children, then what are you hoping to achieve with this?”  Blink, blink.  I suppose I want to write a book to introduce my charm to the world but I also wouldn’t mind if I got a reality show called “Fuck Dynasty” (so called because of all the cussing). Continue reading

About this Blog


Welcome to my blog. Some caveats:

  1. I am in no way providing any parenting advice on this blog.  I am quite lazy and unsure of myself so I am not a good role model.
  2. I am in no way providing any advice on how to be a child to your parents. You made them- you deal with them.
  3. My only source of hope in this world is laughing at what my life has become.
  4. I really like lists.