A Circle of Friends


Look- I do have friends!

Dream Together

My friend, Stacy Ryan, an aspiring and inspiring writer, surprised me with a visit last spring along with our dear friend Dana. Subsequently she wrote the following piece about Denver, dreams, and friendship.

Although the story is a glimpse into my personal life it really captures the underlying principle of friendship that guides what we do at Wild Dream Walks. It’s a balance, much like Stacy writes, between having friends who see the world as it is and having others imagining what it could be, with us. That’s the power of our community. People, sometimes even strangers, who offer a listening ear to someone setting out on a big journey, or helping each other get stuff done at a work session for entrepreneurs and creatives, or one of us leading a wish workshop for our elders. We gift our listening ears, our helpful hands and steady steps towards what the world could be all the…

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